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The World Federation of Public Health Associations is currently looking for 2 Interns for the international office in Geneva, Switzerland.


We are currently looking for an intern in Social Media and Communication and one in Communication and Graphic Design, for at least 3 months.


WFPHA offers a unique environment for an internship for students in international health and development. Interns are given substantial responsibility for performing activities such as researching and writing articles for the newsletter, establishing contact with health and development NGOs around the world, planning international conferences, and fundraising. Each internship is structured to suit the needs and interests of the intern, such as working on an individual research assignment, as well as the requirements of WFPHA. Interns may have the opportunity to participate in the formulation of WFPHA policy resolutions or papers, depending on circumstances.

During the course of the internship, the intern will further develop his/her writing and research skills and become more familiar with the key issues and actors in international health and development. They will have extensive networking opportunities as WFPHA is an international NGO in official relations with WHO, and has extensive contacts with other organizations worldwide. No travel opportunities will be provided.


Intern Role (Social Media and Communication)

We use Social Media creatively to engage and reach out to global audiences and encourage them to learn about public health.

We work together with our members in more than 120 countries to support each other’s communication efforts, build communities and strengthen our joint impact for both internal and external community building and engagement.

Key Responsibilities (Social Media and Communication)

  • Support social media initiatives and campaigns on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Contribute to using video as a way of engaging our audiences
  • Carry out community building tasks and projects to improve our reach to members
  • Promote engagement in our internal community tool

Qualification and Experience (Social Media and Communication)

  • University or post-graduate degree in Communications, International Relations or other relevant
  • English: a must, French and others: a plus
  • Comfortable with new technologies
  • Experience making and editing videos, graphic skills and posting on social media
  • Excellent writing skills (newsletter, reporting, blogs)
  • Eager to work within a multicultural and international environment
  • Passionate about social media and digital technology
  • Proactive, enthusiastic and creative
  • A good team player with a “can-do” attitude
  • Good at multi-tasking and working with strict deadlines

Key Responsibilities (Communication and Graphic Design)

  • Design and edit video for YouTube and other social media channels.
  • Design and create infographics, flyers, animations, etc.
  • Assist in the creation of other communication material, if necessary.

Qualification and Experience (Communication and Graphic Design)

  • Student or graduate degree in the area of Communication, Graphic Design, or related field.
  • Knowledge and experience using the Adobe Creative apps including Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Premiere Elements, and other graphic design software.
  • Knowledge of MS Office.
  • English: a must, French and others: a plus
  • Comfortable with new technologies
  • Excellent writing skills (newsletter, reporting, blogs)
  • Eager to work within a multicultural and international environment
  • Proactive, enthusiastic and creative
  • A good team player with a “can-do” attitude
  • Good at multi-tasking and working with strict deadlines


WFPHA internships are unpaid. The organization does not cover re-location expenses and does not sponsor international student visas.


Starts as soon as possible for a minimum of 3 months. The internship may be part-time or full-time.


How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please send CV and motivation letter to

Lofoten DeclarationLofoten Declaration








The WFPHA joined a global network of organizations in signing the Lofoten Declaration, an international manifesto calling for the end to both hydrocarbon exporation and further expansion of fossil fuel reserves in the critical quest to mitigate climate change and facilitate a just and rapid transition to a low-carbon economy. This falls in line with The Charter and WFPHA's strong assertion that a world conducive to public health can only be secured with new and unprecedented levels of climate leadership. 


World Environmental Health Day – An annual reminder for action for everyday of the year

By Dr Liz Hanna. Chair Environmental Health Working Group

Initiated by the International Federation of Environmental Health, World Environmental Health Day - is to be celebrated annually on 26 September. The 2019 theme was Climate change challenges, time for global Environmental Health to act in unison

Environmental Health is re-emerging as a core issue for public health. The World Health Organization reports that, roughly a quarter of all human disease and death in the world can be attributed to environmental factors.

To thrive, humans need ready and affordable access to clean air, clean nutritious food and clean water. Global population growth, combined with industrialization of processes of resource extraction, food production and waste generation have degraded the global environment. Precious water supplies are contaminated, and 9 out of every 10 people breath polluted air. Oceans are filling with plastics. Chemicals are ubiquitous, and through relentless burning of fossil fuels for energy, we have even interfered with the climatic systems that support ecosystems and agriculture.

Once, the earth could supply all human needs and replenish what we used. Yet by 2019, collectively, humanity had used all that the earth could sustainably generate by July 29th, known as Earth Overshoot Day, which creeps forward every year, as humanity’s demands keep growing, and we continue to generate waste.

Essentially our patterns of consumption are killing us. If everyone on the planet lived as Americans do, we would need 5 planets to support us all, 4.1 if everyone lived as the Australians do, yet only 0.7 Earths would be required if everyone consumed like the average Indian. The Japanese need 7.7 Japans to support their national consumptive patterns, the British need 4 Britains, and the Chinese need a landmass of 3.8 China’s to supply all their needs. To calculate your personal ecological footprint and find out your Earth Overshoot Day, visit the following link:

Destruction of the Earth’s ecosystems is a health issue, an equity issue and ultimately, a survival issue. Armed with this knowledge, humanity needs to adjust how we treat the earth that supports us. We must curb our consumption, consider our fellow humans and strive for a more just world. To ignore this plight is tantamount to marching relentlessly towards a gruesome contaminated and brutal future.

We can no longer take the environment for granted. We urge everyone, all public health practitioners to lead the transition to a more caring and mores sustainable society.

STOP headerSTOP header

The WFPHA co-signed an open letter calling on delegates of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to reject engagement and partnership with the tobacco industry. This falls in line with The Charter and WFPHA's belief that the public health community must be united to protect the world from tobacco industry interference.

The STOP partners have posted the letter to delegates on and can be read in full HERE.